Gallerie Y - The Artist and staff

Worth Avenue’s newest and most exciting fine art gallery presenting the exclusive, worldwide premiere debut of artist Lawrence Weidel’s groundbreaking “Magnum Opus: The Lifeworks Collection” of paintings as well as fine art photography.

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Artist Lawrence Weidel

Personal Note from the artist.

“It is with distinct pleasure that I am able to share with you my body of work, the culmination of decades of perfecting my craft. I hope that my work brings to you as much joy and visual satisfaction as it has given me. This creative process has been a lifelong journey of exploration, exciting at times, frustrating at others—but still a constant quest to bring forth my vision.


Lawrence Weidel

President’s Comment

Artist Lawrence Weidel's unique and original "Magnum Opus: The Lifeworks Collection" is a landmark tour de force. Unsurpassed in the world of contemporary art, it has created a formidable maelstrom in the international art scene.

Weidel has presented to us a unique visual language, breaking into our collective imaginations and serving as a conduit for a greater consciousness.

The works themselves have an undeniable mesmerizing presence, balancing a deep, zen like spiritual awareness with exuberant expressionism. The eye is drawn to explore the seductive surfaces, transporting the viewer into an intriguing realm of drama along with a Shakespearean, Puck like playful mischievousness.

In the studio, Weidel works with the dynamic precision of a man possessed, caught in a whirlwind of pure and undiluted creative passion. His rare genius and artistic gifts might be compared to the likes of Picasso or Calder.

A modern day polymath and renaissance man, Weidel’s gifts are not limited to creating captivating works of art as he is also a forward thinking, successful man of the business world, talented fine art photographer, best-selling author, and award winning equestrian athlete—a true visionary luminary with the “Midas touch”.

Rosalyn Pergande